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Water/gas quick intervention accessories, safety and automation devices

- Collar ball valve for connections under pressure

For quick, safe and handy connections on aerial pipes.

Allows aerial connections without requiring gas supply interruption.

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Whole sets for piercing, mounting and control:

- Connection socket with built-in interception device

To be used for gas network consumers. Safe, handy and cheap.

Built-in automatic overflow valve.

Easy mounting. No need for large excavations.

Allows urgent interventions, simply by switching the built-in ball valve.

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- Gas meter brackets with pressure measuring tap (various models)

Consist of two ball valves:

  • UNI EN 331 inlet valve, with locking device and plastic protection cap, both sealable.

  • UNI EN 331 / UNI EN 9036 outlet valve, with automatic safety locking device at closure.

- Full bore check valves / Full bore check valves with filter

Minimal pressure loss.

Double seal.

Constant self cleaning of the seat.

- Brass ball valve with safety locking device on closure

On closure, the valve automatically locks itself, thus forbidding accidental opening. Valve opening is possible by use of a special wrench only.

Antifreeze water ball valves

After closure, no water drop remains inside, thus avoiding any damage that could appear due to obstruction caused by freezing.

Hence, they are suitable for outdoor pipes.

- FISHER Globe and Angle Valves

To be used in bulk plants for LPG and ammonia flow control.

Designed for heavy duty and high flow capacity.

The valves can be installed in straight or angular (cornered) sections of pipes.

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