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Gas Detectors and Control Installations

Model G 90/91 civil
  • G 90: Gas detector for EV.NC. 230V model electrovalve

  • G 91: Gas detector for EVRM/NA model electrovalve - 230V

Model GS 200 civil

Control installation allowing connection of two types of detectors: GS12 (IP 40) or GS12/S (IP54)

Model G 95 civil

Gas detector made for controlling a 12V electrovalve, for methane bottle.

Model AIR-CL civil

Smoke or air pollution detector, made for the automatic control of a 230V air cleaner.

Models: GSI/10, GSI/20, GSI/22 industrial
Control installations for GSI or GSI/S detectors:
  • GSI/10 - wall mounting

  • GSI/20 - panel mounting (72x144)

  • GSI/22 - DIN bar mounting (9 modules)

Model GSI 80 industrial

8 memorized zone centralized control installation for GSI (IP40) or GSI/S (IP54) detectors.



Safety air and gas electrovalves, manually re-armed, normally closed

Power supply: 12V/24V/230V.
Connection from 1/2" to 3".
Maximal pressure 750mBar.


Safety air and gas electrovalves, manually re-armed, normally open

Power supply: 12V/24V/230V.
Connections from 1/2" to 3".
Maximal pressure 500mBar.

Model EV-NC

Control and regulation safety air and gas fast opening and closing electrovalves

Power supply: 230V.
Connections from 1/2 to 2", screwed. Maximal pressure 350 mBar.
Connections from 2"1/2 to 3", flanged. Maximal pressure 200 mBar.

Electrovalves MADAS series M16/RM normally open

The operating principle of M16/RM N.A. electrovalves is very simple and thus extremely safe.

The coil, when under voltage supply, releases and springs up the closing device.

The reset is manual, in order to allow the checking of the causes which lead to the gas supply interruption.

During normal operation, there is no electric absorption, no wear and tear.

The versions M16/RMOC N.A. can be equipped with a button that allows manual closure, thus substituting the manual tap of the gas line, allowing also to periodically test the proper functioning of the solenoid valve.

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