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Gas meter G100

The model RS120 also has 4 measuring rooms, stretchable membranes and mechanical integrator.

Construction: case made of steel sheet, provided with two horizontally and/or vertically positioned connection nipples.

Optionally, they may be equipped with REED contacts for remote transmission of data and accessories for connecting volume converters.

The model G100, similar to the other models of this category, is aimed for the measuring of the gas consumption in big civil or industrial installations, being utilized for the commercial transaction of the flow that transits them.

Technical data: Tehnical scheme:

Model RS/120     G100 OR G100 VE
Cyclic volume V dm3 120 120
Minimal flow Q min. m3/h 1 1
Maximal flow Q max. m3/h 160 160
Maximal pressure P max. bar 0,5 0,5
Connections - - DN 100 DN 100
Weight - kg 140 130
Horizontal connections | Vertical connections

G1,6/G4/G4 SMT | G6/10 | G16/G25 | G40/G65 | G100 | Turbine Gas Meters/Rotary Gas Meters | Home page