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Auxiliary materials

- Adhesives for thread sealing

Synthetic raisins and ribbons insuring lasting and safe sealing of joints in gas pipe installations, without requiring supplementary filling materials.

- Gas leak detectors

Solution for quick detection of gas leaks at joints and fissures.

- Gas meter seals and accessories
  • Various seals, made of metal, plastic or hybrid, simple, with pliers or manual locking, with guillotine system, with or without buit-in spiral.

  • Customizable marking.

  • Alfa/numeric, simple, double or barcode numbering.

  • Yarn, nylon, metal or hybrid spirals, available in segments or rolls.

  • Transparent collars for the protection of upstream connexions of gas meters. Removal only possible by destruction.

  • Various types of pliers for seal tightening.

Home page